Thursday, May 5, 2016    


Our Mission:

"To counsel and educate families to better understand credit and money management
thereby creating a more financially secure future for their children."

Starting Fresh, Not Over:

   The Building Blocks Children's Foundation, Inc. staff is familiar with family counseling in financial matters. Using the life and educational experiences of these staff members to the best advantage, creditors are able to receive dollar for dollar the extentions of credit made to the members of the BBCF.

   Where many debt counseling agencies offer debt relief scenarios as a means to assist consumers that have not learned to practice financial discipline, BBCF takes a different view. Since a loan is a promise to pay, BBCF feels that its members should keep their promises. With full cooperation of a member, instituted plans of repayment and methods of quicker balance paydown are learned. BBCF members are able to enjoy stress free living while meeting the goals they set themselves. If in the case of some this is not a viable option then all avenues are explored together to give the member the best result possible. This insures that participating creditors are getting their fair due while helping members who need it.

   Since a primary cause of family strife is money related, by helping family members meet their promised obligations, BBCF is helping to create less stressful environment for children to grow up in. Children that are happy, healthy, and more able to become productive citizens in the future, and as a result, a future better for all of us.

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