The Bridge Builders Community Foundations has received a notable endowment to finance community programs in Venango County. The Jene and Milton Rosen Charitable Fund, created by their son Neil Rosen (brother of Burt and Bruce Rosen), a native of Oil City.  The endowment was established by an initial gift of approximately $730,000 with a commitment to fund the endowment to $1 million. Milton Rosen was a Oil City High School graduate and was a lawyer for decades in the Oil City region. Jene and Milton were pillars of the Oil City community and were both involved in many community organizations and supported many charities to better their community.  This charitable fund will honor their community legacy by supporting Venango County through academic scholarship, educational opportunities, economic empowerment and community health and wellbeing.

Mr. Rosen Quote:    “I am more than honored to be able to honor my parents with this gift to our community. “

Trenton Moulin, Executive Director of the Bridge Builders Community Foundations, expressed excitement for the fund. “We at the Community Foundation are grateful and encouraged at the generosity that Mr. Rosen has demonstrated in honor of his parents,” Moulin said, adding that as a result of the fund, Jene and Milton Rosen will be honored by a legacy benefiting Venango County  for generations to come. “The Community Foundation is committed to assisting Mr. Rosen and his wishes to make the area that he grew up in a better place to live, learn, work and play for the current and future residents of our area,” Moulin said.

The endowment includes four major areas of focus. The first, the Jene and Milton Rosen Memorial Scholarship Fund, will be a scholarship available to Oil City High School graduates who seek higher education.

An additional focus of the fund will be in education and opportunity programs for local students. This is designed to support Venango County educational needs, including STEM programs, literacy and the arts. The fund will also enrich the educational experience of local students by providing backpack and clothing programs, school field trips and extracurricular possibilities.

Economic empowerment in the Venango County is also an important goal of the endowment, hoping to enrich the independence of the community through its business opportunities. This includes encouraging entrepreneurship and offering financial literacy programs for local business owners, as well as initiatives for better job possibilities for the area’s workforce. The fund will also support programs for working parents, including better access to childcare.

Finally, the fund will support health and wellbeing initiatives. The foundation hopes to improve quality of life for low income and low literacy residents and to offer educational and therapeutic programs for adults with special needs. The fund also aims to support local nonprofits, which provide the community with healthy meals, housing and transportation as well as support for local veterans.   

Neil Rosen is a Venango County native now based in the Pittsburgh area.  This gift marks the first time that the Bridge Builders Foundations has been endowed with more than $1 million in a fiscal year.

According to Moulin, Neil Rosen’s generosity will impact Venango County for years to come. Said Moulin, “It is hard for me as Executive Director to express my gratitude for such a sizable gift.  The impact will be positive, lasting and though we stive to measure our impact the positive outcomes will not always be measurable … I have a favorite Nelson Henderson quote that encompasses this fund very well: ‘The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit,’ and this is exactly what Mr. Rosen is accomplishing with this charitable fund.”