Longtime residents Frank M. & Eleanor R. Miese established the “Miese Fund” in 2004, creating a generous example of how much they loved their town with a generous contribution of just over $1.3M to benefit Cooperstown and surrounding areas.
The focus is aimed at children who are underprivileged, orphaned, dependent, neglected, delinquent and disadvantaged; which will first cover Cooperstown Borough, then Utica Borough, followed by Jackson Township and finally Canal Township.
Focus areas of this endowment are:

  • Services designed to strengthen family life and maintain the child in their home; supplement parental care and compensate for inadequacies in such care; substitute for parental care; specialized services for individual children or families; prevention services for children; education for children
  • Scholarships for high school graduates from the defined service area of the MIESE Fund to attend a college, university, technical or trade school.
    With a committee consisting of individuals that are from the Cooperstown area and others that are familiar with the needs of Cooperstown; those who have lived, worked and played in the Cooperstown area. The knowledge of the committee and the resources of the Miese Fund; this will make a lasting positive impact in our area. Left in the form of a legacy was designed with our most vulnerable population in mind.