Paul and Ellen Flickner started their Flickner Charitable Fund with a passion to help
their community. Paul and Ellen give great consideration when preparing to help in the
community. Their primary focus is very strict about keeping their efforts local and
frequent as possible for the appropriate needs of local groups throughout the
community for enrichment and to include high school scholarships for local students.
The Flickners have supported several different causes in the community. They
sponsored part of the Week of Giving 2018 & 2019 and love the effect the Week of
Giving event has on the community; they feel it is one of the best ways to make it
exciting and productive to create longevity for even the smallest of organizations in our area.

2019 Keystone High School recipient of the Paul and Ellen Flickner Girls Basketball Scholarship

Paul and Ellen have been very fortunate in their lives and feel so grateful to give back to the community in various ways and their fund also awards scholarships every year. They felt so fortuitous to be able to gift to Oil City Library for the Children’s Area for further enrichment of kids when they visit; Family Service & Children’s Aid Society for the PPC Shelter for survivors of domestic and sexual assault and their children and also a contribution to restore a pavilion at Two Mile Run County Park.

We at Bridge Builders are so lucky to have experienced this couples’ journey of
philanthropy and to see where their hearts are when it comes to tending to the
community they truly and carefully contribute to.