(Pictured, left to right: Brian Noonan, Fred Lewis, Kevin Moriarti, Andy Davis, John McVaigh, Jen Krouse, Trenton Moulin, Lauren Lupinachi, Erin Wallace, and Matt Young.)

Brookfield Renewable and the Bridge Builders Community Foundation today announced a $15,000 donation to help the Clarion Shelter Task Force with their efforts in aiding those in need in the Clarion County region.

Specifically, the donation will be used by the Clarion Shelter Task Force to provide assistance for items that are necessary but aren’t typically covered by other programs. These items include needs such as work clothes, Social Security cards, birth certificates and driver’s licenses-that are required to apply for public housing assistance, and other expenses needed to help with obtaining housing and employment.

Trenton Moulin, Executive Director of the Bridge Builders Community Foundation said “It is exciting to see a company engaged and committed to the community where they reside. Corporate giving is an integral part of any thriving area and this is great example.”
Jennifer Krouse from the Clarion Task Force said “Many people in our area do not realize homelessness is an issue in Clarion County,” she said, adding that there are numerous other agencies in the county that offer similar services to those provided by the HAP. “So many people are living paycheck to paycheck, and one little setback can cause a plethora of problems.”

As part of the HAP, Krouse noted that individuals who meet the initial criteria for assistance — such as income, expense ratio and previous help history — are required to participate in budgeting classes in order to learn skills to better manage their money and improve their situation.
“We also provide case management which assists with referrals to other agencies, job search, education, etc.,” she added.
The task Force also assists to help raise awareness of the widespread homeless problem, each county is required to have its own version of Clarion County’s Local Housing Options Team (L-HOT), also known as the Clarion Shelter Task Force. The team, which is mostly made up of individuals in the housing field along with some community members, meets once a month to discuss funding, updates and projects, Krouse explained.

John McVaigh, Director of Operations for Brookfield Renewable said, “Brookfield Renewable is proud to support the efforts of the Clarion Task Force and the Bridge Builders Community Foundation as they continue to offer very valuable assistance to those in need in the community.”

Bridge Builders Community Foundation and its affiliate the Clarion County Community Foundation is committed to contribute to the quality of life in Clarion County and surrounding areas. We will accomplish this by focusing on critical needs and facilitating the community’s response; Facilitating the creation of charitable funds and permanent community endowments that make giving effective and personally satisfying for contributors. For more information please visit bbcf.org

About Brookfield Renewable: Brookfield Renewable owns and operates Piney hydropower on the Clarion River as well as three other facilities throughout Pennsylvania. Combined, these four facilities generate over 700 Megawatts of clean, reliable energy, which is roughly enough to provide power for 70,000 homes.